The Disease of Procrastination

December 10, 2012
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For many people, tomorrow is the busiest day of the week. Procrastination is a disease that has infected everybody at least once in their lifetime. It is often easier for one to plaster today’s tasks on tomorrow’s timetable. We would much rather enjoy our precious time now in exchange for a tiresome tomorrow. But would it not be better to work now and rest later, knowing that your pleasure is paid for?

Procrastination can have catastrophic consequences. If you do an important school assignment right before it is due, it might turn out to have poor quality and cost you a great deal of marks. You might jeopardize your life if you keep on postponing a doctor’s appointment to report peculiar symptoms. If you happen to have a fatal illness such as cancer, you might lose the precious opportunity to save your life while you still can. By procrastinating, you can also send a fellow human being to the grave. Do you constantly hear horrific screaming from your neighbors? Why haven’t you knocked on their door yet to ask what the matter is? Do you see signs that a classmate is abusing drugs? Why haven’t you approached them to prevent them from walking right into Hell?

Just do it! The best time is now!

Procrastination requires self-control and discipline to be extinguished. Execute tasks as soon as you can and do not waste precious time anticipating on them. If you set a time limit for when a task needs to be completed, have the discipline to stick to it. Let the rewards you will receive after completing your task motivate you to execute it with your best effort. Procrastination is a curable disease.

Destroy it!

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