Potential over Popularity

November 30, 2012
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An issue that concerns me through out the world is the younger generation often known as teens, pick their life styles. Usaully these choices are influenced by our modern music, televison, and magazines. Teens are highly interested in these sources and topics and are more then likly to follow them. Plenty of young kids starting middle school and even in higher up grades will do about anything to gain respect and the attention that they think they need. Teens often treat thier life as a constant status update on what they should be doing and how they should be doing just that.They will do just about anything to be in the crowd.

It's truly a shame witnessing teens ruining thier lives and giving up on the potential they have just to have other kids like them and to be popular. I've seen many young children who are not yet matured go out and drink and do drugs. Most of these kids are so smart and have so much going for them, untill they start hanging around the wrong crowd and not making smart choices.

In a perfect world, all teens would make the best choiced for their lives, but this world is far from perfect. As a young adult, I hope the kids younger than me realize that you dont have to make bad choices to gain popularity and respect. Most people like other who have goals. I'm not going to say that middle school and freshman and sophomore year were not hard, they were. Those are the times you find your purpose. I hope young teens read this article becuase I do not want any other young person to end up like the young people I have seen.

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