Death is not Negative

November 26, 2012
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When you get to that la st moment and you think of all the happiness you spent with that person and there sick and you realize.Wow! This isn't happening it's a really bad dream but it's not it's real life and its happening. When you lay down and shut your eye's hoping the world will just disappear a single tear that you've been trying so hard to keep in slowly slides out of your eye. But you don't do anything you let it roll down to your lips. Why you say with a sad helpless voice. I miss you so much why did you leave me. But what you don't realize is, that person didn't leave you. They live inside of you, inside your heart, your mind, your thoughts, your soul. You think you'll never get over what has happened. But sometimes you just gotta keep going, that person wouldn't want you sad, wouldn't want hurt, wouldn't wanna see you cry. There is always going to be someone to ask you if your Okay. You may put a fake smile on and say your fine. But its not what your words say, it's what your eye's tell. Who could say goodbye to there loved one's and how can you say goodbye when they don't say it back. Think of them and I'm positive you'll feel that there listening. If you love them let them go cause one day you'll see them again.

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