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November 21, 2012
By my_story14 SILVER, Melissa, Texas
my_story14 SILVER, Melissa, Texas
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Does no author seek originality anymore? Granted each author pursues their publications different ways, but every composition contains the same content. They all show the eye what the eye wants to betray… not what the eye must and in result; they become blind.

Every one of you will stroll down a street so nonchalant- not knowing what happens around that alley or behind those closed doors. Even in a novel, where anything and everything can happen, the author doesn’t know either. They show what is in plain sight… what we have already fathomed.

In such rarity can a woman find their Prince Charming and live happily ever after. This is as rare as finding the golden ticket within two Willy-Wonka bars. It has been done, but it happens once in a life time. There will always be love as long as one loves another, but there is not a perfect love without fight, without struggle, without doubt. No one will know when they really love someone because it is thrown around like nothing, while; hate is such a strong word.

Such young boys read about an incredible being destined to safe the earth and so badly want to be them while they don’t see that the real heroes are. They are so fascinated by the powers and abilities to do good while the real heroes risk their lives for the salvation of others. I couldn’t ask for a better hero. I feel safe in the hands of the ones we take with a grain of salt.

No story shows what happens in the real world. What really happens and while some are aware reality they still envy the protagonist because they had little than them and at the end, they get more than they bargained for. They always get what they wanted and the antagonists are left with nothing. Locked away for their sins and their evil and, yet; we don’t of the fact that we maybe the antagonists through someone else’s eyes in their own story.

Every story is guilty of the charges in some way at some point. The stories that make you cry; the protagonist leaves a better person. The ones that give you the chills; there is no perspective of those who hide behind dark ridges. The truth really does hurt, but what doesn’t kill you makes you a killer.

There are few who know the real story, but they are the ones who live it. They have no need to rewrite and make it better, because such act is impossible. You can’t improve something so broken; you can only add on and make it perfect. It is up to you to know this story while I may know where this started, and where it will end; it was never my place to tell because it’s not my story... it’s yours.

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