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To Give Or To Recieve

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The question, “Is it better to give, or to receive?” is often a hard question to answer. To me, it’s quite simple. I enjoy giving much more than I do receiving. Although I do enjoy receiving, the look on a persons face when I have given them something that they like is priceless. I’m instantly filled with an incredible amount of joy. To give for me is like a natural high. It makes me feel incredible.

I recently gave my grandmother a heart necklace that says “grandma” in the middle, and I also made her a card for Mothers Day. I couldn’t be there to give her the gifts, but I had my mom videotape her reaction. When my mom got home that weekend I watched the video, and I almost cried. My grandmother was so happy that she cried herself. The minute I saw her reaction on that video I was so happy. It just felt so great to know that I made her so happy that she cried.

I have always enjoyed making people happy. I just love the feeling. Making someone smile is just great. It fills me with this friendly kind of love. The best gifts to give are ones that you thought of all on your own. Not something that the receiver asked for, or something that they picked out, but something that you saw and just knew that they had to have it. When you give someone that sort of gift it makes them happy to know that you were thinking of them, and that you were able to get them a gift without asking them what they wanted.

In the story The Gift of The Magi, James and Della don’t have enough money to buy each other Christmas gifts. They both have prized possessions, for Della it’s her hair, and for James it’s his watch. Della wants to buy James a gold chain for his watch, but she doesn’t have enough money. Della ends up selling her hair to get James the gold chain. James wants to get Della a beautiful comb for her hair, but he doesn’t have enough money. James ends up selling his watch to get Della the comb. So there they were, at the end of the day in their apartment. They gave each other the gifts and saw that they had both sold what their gift was for.

It was sad that they couldn’t put their gifts to good use, but it showed their love for each other. Della was willing to go to great lengths to get James a gift, as was James to get Della a gift. The story does a great job of showing that it can be better to give, but also to receive. I have always thought it better to give than to receive. You can make a person so happy by giving. Often people think of a gift as a materialistic thing, but it doesn’t always have to be. You can give a gift just by helping someone.

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