Misplaced Or Just Different

November 1, 2012
By PriyaA SILVER, Mohali, Other
PriyaA SILVER, Mohali, Other
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Have you ever felt that you don’t fit in? Or you have to completely change your life style to be part of the “IN” crowd? If not then you are the lucky few who have the courage to stand up for their individuality and resist the temptation of “POPULARITY”.
Just like they say “Everything that glitters is not gold.” Neither is popularity, it just shines on the outside but in the inside it is a mess, But people still crave it. I met this little girl this October and I asked her what she wants to be when she grows up and she replied “I want to be so popular that everybody knows me.” I was astonished; according to her if you are not popular you don’t exist!!
Is that really true, you have to be popular to exist? I don’t think so, just because you are not part of the “IN” crowd, does it mean you don’t have a life or friends. No! It just means you are smart enough to avoid that life. What good does it do when everybody scrutinizes your every move, expecting you to do everything right, and having absolutely no room for error. But this doesn’t deter people from wanting to be popular. They change everything about themselves, starting from their attitude, to their clothes, and even to the extent of changing their friends, all this just to be known.
The question should not be why do we have to change? What we should really ask ourselves is what deters us that we shy away from our own self? Our individuality?
Different doesn’t mean wrong, it just means well different. It often means you can make mistakes, or do things without hesitation and the freedom to live your life on own terms. You don’t have to think about everything that you do. You are who you are, why change? Accept yourself. In the long run it doesn’t matter how many people you knew in high school; because they are not going to be here for the better part of your life.
Shed you inhibitions and live your life to your fullest, after all you are born a original, why die a copy!?

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