Being a Teen

October 29, 2012
By Anonymous

When you were a kid you couldn't wait to grow up, thinking life would be so much better when you were a teenager. No more PG movies, no bedtimes, more pocket money etc. But boy were you wrong!

Yes there are perks of being a teen but on average, I reckon there are far more disadvantages. Having mountains of homework to do as well as revision, having to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to school on time, waking up the next day to find a huge spot on the end of your nose, need I go on? To make matters worse, some people (namely adults), think that nowadays we have it far too easy and we lack challenges? Well let me tell you: struggling to find time for a social life when every waking hour of the day is spent on either revision or babysitting your younger siblings is definitely a challenge! And, it isn't the only one.

Being a child is a lot simpler. Yes, you have less freedom but at least you wake up with clear skin and never have bad hair days. At least you can spend the whole day with your friends knowing that you don't have to worry about exams. And at least you have less responsibilities. Let's just face it, being a child is amazing but we don't realize that until our childhood is gone.

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