Motherly Ties

October 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Another tear rolls down my eye, in a hurry to catch the previous one! They seem to be in race, where the finish line is nowhere to be seen! Then in that utter darkness, a bright light shines through. With a lot of courage, I bring out my face from under the covers; ”MOM?” I ask. I wonder what she wants, but she says nothing but strokes my tear stroked face and slides next to me. She holds me as I cry myself to sleep in the cradle of her arms! Realizing that all I needed to get through this rough patch was my mother.

Had a bad day, feeling unworthy or isolated, gone through a messy breakup, feeling you have no one to trust, no one to share your feelings with? Don’t …. Just because your friends decided to ditch you when you need them the most doesn’t mean you have no one..You have your family, your mother.

She will always be there for you, cheering you on from the sidelines! Helping you pass through the hard times! Mother’s will always be there.. Though we often tend to forget that!

She may not always be able to understand what you are going through but she would be there that it too shall pass. But remember that when in utter darkness, you see a bright light; trust that it would be accompanied by your loving mother.

So for all the mother’s out there “Thank You!!”

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