October 18, 2012
By Anonymous

An article in the sports issue stood out to me. It wasn’t inspirational, nor coldhearted, but true. Reading it dredged up memories of my own. This piece is called “hey” by Addi Fitzgerald. This article talks about the live of a teenager girl texting her crush. With witty comments and heartfelt emotions, we feel what the author is feeling. We understand her pain when she sees her beloved holding hands with a friend. When questioned, the girl says, “We aren’t dating. Yet.” That one hangnail of a word nags our author as she asks herself questions she can’t answer. When her phone vibrates, she picks it up, sleepy. There’s a text from him. Saying hey.

What I loved about this article was the originality and the phrasing. It was unique and showed character. From the opening line, you’re completely engrossed. You don’t pay attention to your surroundings. You just want to read. I think that it’s amazing that someone could captivate a large audience at such a young age. I give this article three thumbs up.

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