Where is Mom and Dad?

October 17, 2012
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It’s no secret that the world is running based on money. Everybody is trying to sneak in on the gold rush that is the new and improved world, and I mean everyone; men and women, moms and dads. This love of money is a huge problem in our world today, but not the biggest problem. When mom and dad both want their own slice of the pie, Johnny and Sally are left out. See, the biggest problem in my generation is the entire loss of a real family. Throw in a TV and the general media, and there is virtually no reason to spend time with your family.

In just over 50 years, kids have gone from fit and able, riding their bikes and stacking Lincoln Logs, to making sure that their profile name on Modern Warfare is the coolest part about them. And you might want to know why. Simply put, when mom and dad are so busy putting some money in the bank, it’s pretty tough to make sure your kids aren’t hurting themselves or being picked up by a white van. The one thing more important than what the kids do is who they become. Without a real sense of family in their lives, they don’t know how to transfer family ideals into their own family when they grow up, and so, the cycle continues. Maybe that is the reason why divorce rates are skyrocketing. According to divorcerates.com, women have a 20% chance of getting divorced under the age of 20. This compared to the 12% chance just 20 years ago is simply staggering.

Essentially, the point I am trying to make is that America has entirely lost its sense of family values. If mom and dad are working, Johnny is on the corner with a joint in his hand, and Sally is sleeping with any guy with a “who-ha”, what does that say about the moral character of my generation? It simply says that our morals either: A. They don’t exist, or B. Have been thrown out the window. But maybe there is a solution.

Perhaps if my generation could ever learn how to come home early, shut off the TV, and sit down for a nice family dinner the world would be a better place. Perhaps if my generation decides to put less thought into the next president and more time going on weekend hikes the world would be a better place. But if none of this happens the world may truly, finally end.

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