Are You A Super Teen?

October 17, 2012
By ThePassionateAuthor. BRONZE, Vijayawada, Other
ThePassionateAuthor. BRONZE, Vijayawada, Other
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I am what I am. I am the DJ of my life and I will rock it the way I want...!!!

It's high time you figured it out...

Teenage- The time when everything around seems messed up,when pajama parties are the coolest nights,when pizzas and cokes are our "Balanced Diet",when gossips are the best chapters ever learnt,when phone bills suddenly seems unaffordable,when we become the hero/heroine of every romantic movie,when mirrors top the list of "The Most Frequently Used Stuff",when music dictates our life and when our craziest fantasies become our real desires!! This is what pops up when we first think of teenage life. For the rest of the non-teens, "It stinks but it sticks!" "I am the DJ of my life and I'm gonna rock it the way I want!!" -This one sentence can end the debate between adults and teens.

In most cases, teens tend to ignore the line between "Real" life and "Reel" life. I myself being a teen and like many other teens out there have imagined life to be filmy and far from reality. In high spirits and on cloud nine,we try to live our life to the fullest. But just think about it readers-This is it? This is all teenage life picturises? Well, it's far beyond that. If I had to categorise teens like how they categorize stuffs in our social studies, it would be categorised into 2 categories.

1)Comprising of the nerds and bookworms for whom studies is the first priority and loneliness is their best friend. They believe that "It's better to be lonely in this materialistic world than getting your heart broken again and again".Simplicity is what they believe in.
2) Teens who are wild and pretty loud fall into this category. They consider life to be more enjoyable. They go trendy and are up to fads. Normally, Miss.Popular and Mr.Popular fall into this category. They like to be in the limelight and they believe in "Rocking" life rather than "Reading" life.

These two sides of life are amazingly amazing in their own ways. The world wouldn't have been a nicer place if everything and everybody were alike, Would it? Today, the world around us in moving fast on the wings of technology. Attitudes,Aptitudes,Cultures,etc also change on a fast pace. Peer pressures,competitiveness, pressure of studies and many other factors have led to worse consequences one could imagine. Teenagers today grow aggressive and are obsessed with their own surroundings. Murders,Crimes and Kidnappings have become synonyms with "Teen Horrors". Media and various sources inform us that most of the murders are committed by the teenagers. Isn't that shocking?

Today, we find that the elders tend to get really tensed when they have "Teenagers" in their family.. They become over-possessive and over protective.. Its spine tingling for them to have teenagers fooling around. In a custom bound and tradition oriented country like India,this is even more in practise. But to the all the teenagers reading this, let me tell you-Do not get frustrated. Prove what you are..!! Prove that you are a super teen.. A super teen ain't less than a superwoman or superman.. In fact, it is something even greater than that in the simplest way. A super teen is one who lives life like any other teen where ups and downs are common yet is on the right path enlightening the world around in a special way.A super teen can live life the way he/she wants it as well as be properly rooted to correct principles and moral values. This teen knows how to control emotions and they believe that "Show life that you have a million reasons to smile when life gives you a thousand reasons to cry!" No matter what, if your either a bookworm or a Mr/Miss Popular, you can still be a super teen!!

So.. Here is a question to all my readers- Are You A Super Teen?

The author's comments:
Well,I am a teen and oh yeah!! To be a "super teen" is a big deal in today's world. I was filled with shock and disgust when I came across the "Teen Horrors" prevailing around. It is time to make the world around a better place to live in..You must have heard of "Super Man" or "Super Woman" but what about "Super Teen"?? I hope to hear a loud "YEAHH!!" from the youth when they are questioned "Are You A Super Teen?"

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baldev said...
on Oct. 28 2012 at 8:31 am
A super article by a super teen!

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