I like to notice things that nobody else does

October 9, 2012
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I like to notice things that nobody else does. Or maybe they do, and I just don't notice it. I see someone walking down the street, I wonder where they're going. Where they're coming from. Maybe they're late. Or maybe they have no destination at all. I love the little details about people, about everything. How much time did she spend on making her hair look that way? She could be waiting for a date, or a night out with friends. Maybe she'll go home to an abusive husband where all she wants to be is pretty. I see mothers pushing their children in the stores, browsing the shelves with blank faces as their offspring curiously looks about. I wonder who they'll be in 15 years. In front of me might be the futures president, or crackhead. I can't help but feel sympathetic and slightly sad in the presence of old people. I wonder about their families, when they'll pass. How many hearts will be broken. For that moment I almost feel as close as family to them. Then I think of how maybe they just got out of prison several years ago from raping women or committing crimes. Maybe they're the worst person I've never met. I look up at planes in the sky, I wonder where they're heading, and if they'll make it there. Maybe someone with as much anxiety of planes as myself is sitting upon one of the many chairs, looking down at earth, thinking about a person like me, on stable grounds. To really get crazy here, maybe there's a person thousands of feet in the air thinking of me being on the ground, thinking of them being in the sky. Maybe I'll marry that person because we're meant to be. Maybe I'll never meet them, most likely, I won't. I like to notice things that nobody else does. Like the effort spent putting the perfect outfit together, and the satisfaction of doing it. The sincerity of a simple greet, gesture, or goodbye. How an exchanged glance between two can mean more than any words ever could. What amazes me most about life is how you can change it completely within seconds and yet some lives go unchanged forever..

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