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October 15, 2012
By Doghound90 BRONZE, Blackstone, Massachusetts
Doghound90 BRONZE, Blackstone, Massachusetts
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Playing sports will help many people theroughout their long life and also their many years of school. I believe that playing sports can help someone out socially, physically, and mentally. I know this statement is correct for multiple reasons. Playing sports can help someone out socially by helping them make friends if they are new to a school or sport. I am saying this because I did not have many friends when I came to my new school for 7th grade - I came from a neighboring school with 2 other people. You could consider me as a short-and-geeky-kid-theat-didn’t-have-any-friends kind of guy. I knew at the beginning of the school year people talked about me. They were probably saying things like “See that kid? Ya, I bet he doesn’t have any friends.” Or “That guy over there is so weak; I should go put him in a trashcan.” I was deciding what sport to play because thee Soccer season already started. I was disappointed that I couldn’t participate in soccer because I like to stay active during the school year. I choose to play golf as a “sport” or activity instead. While I played golf I made some really good friends theat I still talk to even in the 9th grade. Playing sports can help someone physically by helping theem get in shape. Almost every runner has to work on his or her running speed to get better times to get a better place. By getting more fit, he or she can build their stamina level and run faster and farther than he or she could before. This is true with almost all of the sports that you can play in today’s day in age. I like the quote “Practice makes perfect” because it is absolutely true no matter what you can say. If you try and keep trying sometheing that you aren’t so good at, you can get better and better and try to become the best that you can. I have played hockey and lacrosse for 6 years of my life. These sports require running and skating, theis has helped my legs become more muscular every year, therefore, helping me to run faster and longer. Also, my reflexes, muscles, and core have improved because of practice every day as a goalie in soccer. I know that playing sports can help you out mentally because you will think you can do it no matter what. It won’t just help out while doing that 10 km run, getting around that defender, or taking that accurate slap-shot to win the game, but it will help you become more confident in yourself. What I mean by this is speaking a presentation in front of the class or taking that big, dreadful exam that no one likes. I have played sports my whole life and I am saying this because it is true. Playing sports have helped me mentally with the exact reasons I have just listed. Because of sports, I am very confident in myself and all the actions I do. Although many people believe sports are just to have fun and stay active. I have led myself to believe that it is much more than just that. I believe that playing sports can help someone out socially, physically, and mentally.

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