Dear Homeschooling Parent,

September 28, 2012
Dear Homeschooling Parent,

I realize that you and your children are relatively new to the whole homeschooling
experience, but when I told you my favorite subject was art; I did not appreciate it when
you told me that art had about the same amount of worth as recess.
Although, to some people, art may seem frivolous and unnecessary, I believe art is a
very important aspect to our daily lives.
Art often frees people from the drudgery that consumes many people’s everyday lives.
There are uncountable types of art. From drawing, painting and sculpting, to music,
theater, and comedy. Why do you think people pay millions of dollars for one of Picasso’s paintings? Or why does this society pay millions for a theatrical performance, or a comedy
act? It’s because we need those things. Those are the things that bring us together to form a community.
Back in the Stone Age there were paintings on the walls of caves and carvings in ivory.
Why would human beings continue to make art if it did not benefit them in some way?
Maybe I was also mistaken though, to say art was my favorite “subject”. The word
“subject” is too hard, too rigid, and controlling for art. A “subject” suggests something
that can be crammed into 45 minutes a day. “Subjects” confine. Art releases. Art allows people to express their feelings honestly.
I hope that you understand that although I despise math and wish it was never invented,
I am not blind to the fact that math and science undoubtedly serve a great purpose
in the world. So all I ask of you is that you please not belittle the “subject” from which I
hope, someday, to forge a career.
P.s. I also enjoy recess ?

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skybean said...
Oct. 19, 2012 at 1:30 pm
Omg.... I have no idea how that question mark got on the bottom of this article! :(
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