The definition of beauty.

October 7, 2012
By Anonymous

Media, including television, magazines, commercials, Internet, plays a huge role inside society.

An inconsiderately large amount of people have become so insecure about their appearance because media is trying to define what beauty is by showing an incredibly skinny model or someone who wears pounds of makeup and plastic surgery, but is seen as someone who is so incomparably beautiful.

People are beginning to starve themselves, to compare themselves, to these models on these magazines on televisions, and starting to feel more apprehensive about their countenance, or their body. People can fall into depression because of what they see, which, naturally in human eyes, are these wonderfully beautiful models.

People were made the way they look for a reason, and they don't need a reason to hate their appearance because of what media is saying about what is attractive and what is not. People can become so judgemental based on their eyes and what they see, instead of their heart and what they feel, and often people will ignore the fact that a person has an amazing personality and take their judgement in what they see instead.

So many times, people are pointed at, laughed at, physically told horrible words, because of what they see.

I believe the definition of beauty is indeed individualism. The fact that every human being is just so incredibly unique and there is no one likes you; is just amazing. Every person and personality is so rare, and even if someone may be more "attractive" to the eye, "Everyone has beauty, but not everyone can see it."

What the eye sees can be such an illusion to what the heart feels, and it's just horrible for someone who has an incredibly handsome personality to be ignored completely because they are not someones definition of "agreeable" or "pretty" or "handsome."
Yes, I'm going to say it again. Everyone is beautiful, whether you can see it or not.

People really need to see the outcome of what media; and including society, what these hurtful words and including comparison can actually do to a person. It can literally make someone feel incredibly insecure about their body, their weight, their appearance, everything, until they feel nothing but self hate.

Don't compare, but actually open up your eyes and see each individual person and their individual beauty. No one deserves to be compared at; Life is too short for that.

The author's comments:
I have a recovery blog, but as I scroll through my dashboard, I just see so much people who are suffering through diseases such as depression/anorexia/bullima/etc.. And it's just horrible when you see someone and they are just absolutely gorgeous but they can't see that in their reflection. All they feel is self hate, and all they see is something horrible.
I believe all human beings deserve to feel like they are beautiful; because indeed they are.

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