August 6, 2008
By Tyler Tebo, N.Grosvenordale, CT

Sometimes i feel purblind to the world and to peoples intentions. Its like a big cataract has popped into my vision and everything is only partially clear. What people want and what people really want melts itself into one. I am left confused and have little hope.

People have a funny way of saying something offhand and making someone roll it over and over and over in their mind. Ignorance is not bliss. Not for me anyways, i'm the type of person who wants to know everything and let no one have their secrets.

Secrets really tick me off. I know i'm not really one to talk. I have many of my own inner thoughts and desires that i'm not ready to share with the world. But i just wish there was a way everyone could open up and no one to get hurt.

Back to being purblind though. In a world where gas is 4.20 a gallon and murder is a way of life, its hard to not be on guard. But still, i just wish the cataract of the world could be removed and i could have a complete understanding of people and they of me with no one experiencing pain in the process.

But i know that life is not so simple and friends come and go as they please. One thing i've learned is that knowing everything about a person more often than not really means you know nothing about them. what you know may be a lie and if not then you are truly lucky.

a few people i know i'm able to talk to . Not idle chatter either, i'm able to tell them how i feel and what i feel when i feel it. As for others, i wish i could do the same.

someone has to be the first to be open i guess. They have to remove the other persons cataract before theirs can be removed. i know for sure that i dont wanna be the one to do the cataract removing. I'd much rather be the patient and you the surgeon. But when the day is done and the sun sets. It comes down to one thing... Yes i would remove the haze and the smoke i so desperately cling to and stand at your mercy and no longer would you be purblind when it comes to the subject of Tyler Raymond Tebo.

when your in a place where anger can be controlling and love is the undertone to most of your actions... Being purblind can be a be a hindrance

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geometricity said...
on Aug. 16 2008 at 4:50 pm
Beaaaautiful, Tyler! You write reaaallly super well.

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