Decisions, Decisions For 2008

August 6, 2008
This year is an important year, well at least in the politics world. It's that time again for another presidential election. Most of us are not yet permitted to vote, so why should we care? Some teens are hard into politics, discussing them with their family, helping them on a decision that will decide who our president will be for the next presidential term. Other teens just "go with the flow," they don't care who the next president will be. All of us have our opinion, but one thing we should all do is be interested.

There are two, dedicated men fighting for the position of the president. Those two men are; Barack Obama, representing the democrats, and John McCain, representing the republicans. They both have different opinions on what should happen with the war in Iraq, the sky high gas prices, education, and global warming, all of which are important subjects that are involved with and within our country.

Of course, most of us are under the age of 18, which is the legal age to vote, but we shouldn't stop caring about politics just because we can't vote. Research the candidates; learn more about their plans for our country. Talk to your family and find out who they think would be the best choice. Tell them who you think would be the best choice. Us teens, should also have a say-so, so put your opinion out there!

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