I Know I'll Make It

August 5, 2008
By Hayden Blowers, Alexander, NY

I trudged through the dark night. Uncharacteristic, was the summer nights frigid temperature. I felt mud on my shoes, wet leaves brushing against my shins, I walked through the black night not caring what I ran into, or stumbled upon. The sky was void of stars and light. "I can't--
" I said to myself and I fell down over a root. "Where have I fallen from?" I shouted in the air. "What point do I have? What have I done wrong?" I fell back against a tree staring into the black sky.

"What is the reason for this?" I said aloud thinking there would be no answer. "trust that the reason may not need to be revealed." chimed a voice in my head. Not sure whether it was my own mind finally letting go of it's sanity, or a celestial voice sent to save me from some my own crushing soul. "How do I go on? What assurance do I have?"
"There is no assurance, only that there is always a brighter side somewhere."
"Why? Why is this happening?"
"Because it is what has been planned, what has to happen."
"But why!?" I cried out into the sky.
"If you trust that things will get better, they will, you only need patience, and will."
My mind was clearing. My thoughts were returning, I could finally make sense of the situation. "Who is this? Who are you that you can help me see things that I can't alone."
"That is a mystery. I might be a creation of your mind, or I may be some celestial voice, a being who wants to save you." the voice paused. "I am who you believe me to be."

My heart still ached, I still felt pain, but it was less than it was. I stood up and the moon shown through the clouds beaming down on my position. I stood on a hill void of life except a small willow tree. A smile crept onto my face and I began my walk back from the darkness. It may seem a little romantic but after that night, for the first time in my life, I know I'll make it.

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