Magic Of Love

July 31, 2008
By Vien Lee, Klang, ZZ

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was an ordinary girl. For truth is she was very lucky because she came from a moneyed family. She could have everything what she wants in her life. However, she never takes advantaged for her family wealthiness.She is all very easy. She just want to live an idyllic life like others does.
She lived her life with family and friends all around her. Until one day, she realized that something is really missing in herself. For all this time, she never thinks about it. Once, when she and her best pal going for a walked in the woods. While waited for her pal searching flowers, she sat under an apple tree.
Suddenly, she heard small voices talked each other. It was a man and lady's voices. They were talking about escaping their self together."Oh Adell, you know how much I love you with all my life", said the men. The lady replied, "I know Arthur. And my love for you never been enough Art."Then, the girl heard the lady cried. The men then said,"Oh my love, what is the cause are you crying for?" The lady said to the men that she never been sure about where this love could bring them.
Their family hated each other. The man names Arthur quickly hold Adell's hand and ask her hand for marriage. Once again, Adell cried but this time the tears of joy. Arthur knew Adell is agreeing but worry."We'll run from here, build new life," Arthur said. He added, "oui mon amour,I will take care of you more than I'll take care myself and I just want to tell you something, that I always love you more than you let me."
Since that day, the girl always thinks what makes love very powerful until it could change things easily. Is truelove is the nearest thing to magic? Could it possibly break? The girl keeps trying to find the answer for all her queries. Just one day, she asked her mother what love is. Her mum is very stunned. Nevertheless, in smile, she said, "Love is not something to talk about, it's something to feel. But love is not always permanent sometimes it's just temporary, which the one makes us hurt so much when it's over."

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