Pain Game

July 25, 2008
By Franchesca Porath, Macomb, MI

Another slap whistled through the air
And landed with a crack that wasn’t fair
The dog dropped with a whimper and cry
And seemed to be asking why, why, why?

Every day he felt the pain dealt above
Instead of the needed care and love
Just a simple rub or pat
A little food and that was that

Who knew why his master had to deal
Out the punishment with such zeal
All for a crime he didn’t commit
Paid with a suffering he couldn’t omit

Daily the hurt began to grow
With every strike and blow
As for the love it sank down low
All while the dog sat in woe

Some how the dog held a ray of hope
Which made hard times easier to cope?
A thing he felt was always a must
His ability to care, love, and trust

Whilst a human is hard to toy,
A dog will remain coy,
Putting love and trust in everyone it sees
And throwing all caution to the trees

Many games lost by an animal in need
Sometimes by lack of water or feed
But the highest peak
Is lack of companionship they seek

A dog is often seen as a pawn
In a game never won or drawn
With every soul and life lost
Something so dear paid as the cost

An so another pets story ends grim
Hurt and scared at his owners whim
His love destroyed, his trust betrayed
His spark in life begins to fade
As the blackness begins to close in
He’s finally released from a game he couldn’t win.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece because I adopted my dog from a shelter, and have researched animal cruelty, and I wanted to let people know how I feel about it and to raise awareness.

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