The Second Reflection in the Mirror

July 21, 2008
By bridget dunn, Novi, MI

Most people would say that there is a duty of the citizens of this world to help one another in our various quests for happiness or peace, love or friendship. Yet very rarely does anyone attempt to do just that. A brave few dare to branch outside the narrow path upon which their life treads and truly reach out to help those in suffering or need, those with lonely hearts and hands never held. Yet still, the biggest, most incredible difference that you, or I, or anyone willing to help can make in someone’s life is to be a friend, both to those people with many and those with none. We all get lonely and empty inside, and a friend, a truly noble person with a heart to reach with and a mouth to speak with can make all the difference in the world. Never underestimate tiny gestures- an ear to hear your secrets and a smile when you’re down- which can make any day better. A compliment, simple words strung together with truthful sincerity, can make anyone, even those with the most untouchable façade, lighter than air for hours, days, even weeks. Physical help, such as stopping to pick up a dropped folder or staying late to lend a hand can be beneficial to anyone, and allows those assisted to realize that someone has an eye out for their suffering. The souls that touch our lives, even in short, sweet, passing ways can lift heavy hearts and lighten lives of mourning.

There are thousands of ways to make a truly positive lasting impact in the life of someone else, but perhaps there is one thing that goes straight to the heart like nothing else. To help a person in need- emotional, physical, or needs of the soul- realize that there is someone out there who cares about them and their thoughts and feelings is potentially the surest way to make a difference in the life of anyone. There are certain years which most inspire loneliness in the minds of those who conjure them- teenage or senior being the most prominent. But certainly we all feel lonely at times; we all wish someone understood the innermost emotions running through our veins. There can be no difference more touching to the heart than letting someone in this lonely position know that they are not now, not ever truly alone- there will always be someone there for them.
Such strong loneliness has a way of blanketing the soul and crushing the little power inside us all which dares to hope and dream. In this dark state of existence, as we stare into a mirror and see only ourselves staring back, cold and alone, it is only natural to wish that someone who cares about us will appear like a miracle, and help us to understand that it is possible to be lifted out of this abyss and gently dropped back onto two firmly planted feet.

Take a deep breath, leap beyond your comfort zone, and dare to be that person. That second reflection in a mirror, gazing back with a smile open for anyone who needs it. To be a friend is to make a difference in the world. There will always be times of hopelessness, despair, and pain; times when a friendly face is the most beautiful sight. And sometimes, offering yourself up as that beacon of hope is the biggest difference you could ever possibly make in the life of anyone else.

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