I Love You

July 19, 2008
By Cristina Mitchell, Desert Hills, AZ

Just you and your mom
driving down the street.
Times like these
nothing can ever beat.

You look through the window
and think one important thought.
How lucky you are to have her
and wonder if you did not.

You turn to tell her you love her
cause thats what she deserves.
But she has a face of fear
and she starts to swerve

You look back up.
You see the front of a truck
coming straight at your car
and all you can do is duck.

It happened to fast
as you tumble down the road.
The windows are shattering.
You're in a stunned, painful mode

Next thing you know, you see a face
and you're laying on the ground.
You try to see or listen
but you cannot hear any sound.

You cant move your legs
and you cant feel your arms.
Then you see red flashing lights
and you hear some alarms.

Your vision is still blurry
but you know you're alive.
Then you have a terrifying thought..
Is your mom still alive?

You feel people lift you up
and now you're in a car.
You know its an ambulance
and hoping a hospitol isnt far.

You arrive there very fast
and you get an IV.
Your body keeps on hurting
hoping less pain there will be.

You see nurses and doctors
and you want to speak.
But no words escape your mouth
and your moms hand is what you seek.

You're starting to fade.
You breathe with all of your might.
Theres no way its ending here.
You're gonna put up a fight!

Next thing you know
you wake up in a room.
Wanting to see your mom
and hoping to hear from her soon.

A nurse comes in
and tells you you're alright.
You're not going to die,
but your mother just might.

You beg to see her.
You need to see her face.
but when you got in that room,
the vision of her will never erase.

It didnt even look like her
as you roll up by her side.
You grab her hand with tears in your eyes
thanking God she hasnt died.

She looks in your eyes
still with that motherly look.
You prayed with her right there.
and thats all it took.

Two years later
I still remember that day.
A lot of pain and fear
and all we had to do was pray.

And here we are now.
Driving together once again.
Thankful for every moment.
Knowing that all of it could end.

I turn to my mother
to say what i've always needed to.
Three words with so much meaning.
"Mom, I Love You."

The author's comments:
This is not a true story for me. But im sure its true for a teen out there somewhere. I realize how important to cherish the times with your loved ones cause you never know if you'll never get another chance. Enjoy the poem. I hope you like it.

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