July 13, 2008
Before I start this article, I want to make it clear for whom I am writing this article for. I am dedicating this to my BFF, meg ….
I have a knack in remembering peoples birthday and anniversary. I got it from my mother who forgets nobodies birthday! But on June 13 when school life was taking over me and I had no idea what was happening, June 13 happened to be megs birthday….by now I gather you must have understood what I am driving at….yup, I forgot my best friends birthday! She is still disappointed in me but not as much as I am!! But even then she has forgiven me for my grave mistake , like a true friend!
I want to make it up to her and I know money is not the answer. Money can never be the answer…that is why I am writing this article …to tell you meg, that you are the most wonderful friend a girl can have..
So if there are any people out there who have forgotten their friends birthday, I will give you a spell to mend broken friendship, tell her/him that you love him/her , show that you care. Birthdays and presents come only once a year but a friend is there forever and ever!

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me

There is a truth in your eyes that says you will never need me

The touch of your hand says you catch me…wherever afar…

When you say nothing at all…………

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