July 10, 2008

I thought you were different
I felt like you changed
but the only one
who's changed was me
writting's the only way
I can show my trye self
you just go on
singing your happy little song
as i watch you go by
I see what I missed
I see what I gained
I miss being your's
I miss the good times
but I had to draw the line somewhere
I shall not shed a tear
that would be giving into fear
but what I gained was much love
I gained respect,
I gained the truth
I also gained heat ache
I can't tell you where you'r ment to be,
so i sit here crying until i'm done.

I think of all my problems
I think of all my pain
I think of all my sorrows
until i go insaine.

i think of all the smiles I've won
witch hide sorrows underneeth
no one seems to notice
that I go through so much grief.

My tears seem to keep moving
inside me , tired eyes and
each time I went to tell you
my words I get scared and
I talk about something else.

These days i'm feeling different
far away and week
my sadness pulls me farther
from the happiness I save.

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