Noah's Ark

July 8, 2008
“Is it time yet?” said Austin
“Austin it is not time yet it is going to be a Long week if you keep saying that.”
I jerk the Noah’s ark tickets in her face to smell the sweet smell of paper. It was like a lion waiting for lunch. I could not wait. What five years old does not want to go to a water park. I was pacing the floor back and forth. My mom was in the kitchen doing dishes. I ran up to her and yanked her shirt.
“Is it time yet?” said Austin
“No it is Not time yet I am sick and tired of your winning the day will come when it comes that day is not today so please go find something to do. Can you just settle down? Save all the excitement and energy for the rides there. You will never make it if you’re tired.”

“I am so exited I can’t even stand it there is too much to think about all that water the new rides I can’t even sleep at night.” “Like the time we went to great America. And I had so much fun.” Said Austin.

“Mommy” said Austin

“What do you want Austin”

“Is it time yet?”

“I can smell the chlorine now,” said Austin
I think my mom is starting to get really mad but I am so exited I have to let it out. I don’t want her in a bad mood but it is so hard not to be exited. The smell, the sting in your throat from all the screaming. I am counting down on the calendar and my white board. There is four days left till we leave.
I can’t wait to go on that new ride I think it is called black anaconda. I am exited for the thrill when we do the first drop.

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