Gaurded away from the world

July 5, 2008
By Suad Jama, London, ZZ

Gaurded away from the world.

for this world has scared this little girl.

She has no happiness in her heart,

Now she is trying not to fall apart.

She looks for a helpful hand to help her stand,

but instead she grabs the hand of the devil man.

She cant help but to cry her self to sleep,

The pain that grows with in her is so deep.

She cant help but to lock her heart away,

In see the light of a brighter day.

She cries thinks of her life is over,

As she thinks of a past she knows as life,

And all she would do was cry.

It's sad that the girl has such a life,

But that past life that she knows, is not hers

desperate times leads to desperate measures

helpful hands, open hearts will aid to a end to desperate things

Knowing the harshness of society,

forces tears to my eyes

crying for people, i dont really know

situation they are in is all you need to really know

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