July 3, 2008
Some times, a smile, a wave ,a touch or even a nod can work wonders. Small things have big hidden meanings. It is not always important to express your feelings. A glance can say many things to the other person but not a single word to others around. They say telepathy is a gift. But sometimes we can read minds too. All it takes is the ability to understand, to accept others and moreover the ability to love others for who they are. Understanding yourself comes from accepting others. And to accept others, it is important to love them. Even the beggar across the street. Next time, smile at the girl next door who leads a harsh life. I remember all the people I used to smile at ……friends , neighbors and lots of others. Your smile is your identity. It can turn any beast into a beauty.

So next time smile at a stranger and you will be surprised when the whole world smiles at you!!!

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JK1992 said...
Aug. 14, 2008 at 8:54 pm
Not very well written, and not very insightful, but a great topic and message.
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