The Gift of Giving

June 29, 2008
By Sandra Sturm, Canastota, NY

I feel as though I am enclosed in a box. A box that is slowly suffocating me to death. I start to panic and fear surrounds me, making it impossible to think. My mind, in its deepest region is as bountiful as the fish in the sea. An yet, as bountiful as it may seem, when it comes to speaking out for our fellow Americans and their rights, I am afraid I am a lonely wolf searching with questions but never finding the answers.

On days when the sun shines bright and the flowers are full in bloom, I'll sit and wonder why people can stand to hide behind a lie. Their two faces, one being their cover and security, the other being their lies and loss of morals. When did integrity become unpopular, squashed like a useless fly? I feel as though people have regressed as time proceeds. As our economy starts to crumble the basic morals of the people dissolve with it, leaving bitterness and deception behind.

The few good bystanders that remain are but lone wolves as well. When people are afraid to voice their opinions for fear of prosecution. Will it end? Will it ever stop? The first amendment stands strong and yet it is as hollow as the sincerity of most politicians. Everything in this world has become transformed. Now all that remains are the remnants of the old society disfigured by corruption.

Money and greed stand between us and true living. The quote " Money doesn't buy happiness," truly is a quote that shouldn't be taken for granted. When one person has more than enough and yet another may starve because they can't afford to pay for food. Pity has disappeared into a time portal to the past. Now all that remains is the rich judging and discriminating against the poor. They call them "lazy and useless," but as all things they haven't seen the big picture. The big picture may be puzzling to an outsider but to someone who lives this life on a regular basis it is a life of cruelty, pain, and suffering. Scraping by and barely paying the bills. Single parents, disability, and debt are among the reasons why they continuously move. The poor are like the grazing buffalo, nomadic in nature and always in search for a better way of life.

Today's society takes for granted the gifts they have been given. Cherish the life that you have but don't stop trying to find morals. Good morals can make the gift of sympathy seem like winning the lottery. As anyone with good morals would say, " I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self."

What you do with your life is up to you, but remember that life is meaningless unless you have done something worthy of being remembered. Helping just one person could become an epidemic and like smiles become contagious. Fear nothing, for life is short. Leave your name etched in stone for nothing makes people happier that the gift of giving

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