June 17, 2008
By Brittany Steele, Crawfordsville, IN

I had promised myself that I was going to forget about you. There for a while my mind didn’t think about you. My mind had forgot about you, but my heart didn’t. It was only going to be the beginning of what my heart had in store for me. Day after day my heart began to feel tired and weak. I had no idea what was wrong until I looked up and seen the American flag. Then I had realized why my heart was hurting so bad. It was because of you. The way you looked into my eyes. The way you looked at me. It was only the beginning of your charm that had captured my heart. No matter what had happen at the end of the day I always looked at you. You brought a smile to my face even when I had been crying for hours at a time you had always made me smile when I really didn’t want to. I had no idea that when you left that it was going to be much harder than I had prepared myself for. I had told my self that it was just a walk in the park, but that was before you had left.

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