What Became of Us?

June 14, 2008
Honestly, what if benjamin Franklin were alive today? no, i do not mean he'd be scratching at the inside of his coffin. I mean how would he judge America? The same with Thomas Jefferson, what would he think? If i were one of the great people who signed the Declaration of Independence, i would look down on America to this day. This is exactly what they didn't want, a country run on greed and utter lies. Why does everthing have to go up? Why does it only have to be the parties of Democrat and Republican. Seriously people, why does the government have to be greedy and untrustworthy? This is America! We are suppose to be free and live in peace. No, its all about money and oil. Oil is the blood of Earth and we are sucking it up! How would you like it if your blood was tooken away from you and sold to everyone in America? I mean really! Are we one nation under God and indivisible? Not really. And is there liberty and justice for all? Definitely not.

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