June 15, 2008
By Delise Hampton, Marrero, LA

Buying clothes you only think will satisfy you

Let your mind be clueless of who you are really blinded by, blinded for, blinded to

Money, Money, Money is the mentally deranged cure

For everything, everyone everytime-

you make a mistake and don't have the guts to apologize so you go out to the mall and shop

?Now that's wise?

Ballin makes your mind feel like it's at ease or at rest

When you buy a 5oo dollar suit when there are people in need for a dress, a vest or some kind of clothing

To cover their bodies of the molding

Engraving of age, time, and years

Ballin out of control just to cover their tears

Their struggles in previous hoods

Watching poor people and saying that I don't want to be stranded

I want my life to be handed

To me on a platter made of silver and gold

No struggles No debacles just happiness

This will never happen if you really want to


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