Do Not Cry No More

June 12, 2008
Don’t shed no tears
For I am gone from here
To a place of joy were I have no pain
And angels dance and praise his name.
Remember me as I was for the good and the bad
From the parties to the fights
From the joy to the pain
That we’ve had
Because no matter what the problem may have been
We still found a way to love one another again.
We as a family are strong.
So, continue to be strong and
Allow this not to bring you down, but
To build you up,
For I love every one of you so dear.
And every time you feel as though you are weak
Remember the memories and cry not
For no more does this Earth bind me.
I am free
So be glad for me.
Rejoice, rejoice, and cry no more
For one day me and you will meet again.
Again in a place were we will be happy
So don’t cry no more
Don’t shed another tear
For I am here with my Father once again.

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