Spoiled Rotten

June 8, 2008
By Anne Cesnik, Winchester, VA

Almost every teenager has a fantasy about hosting a huge sweet sixteen birthday party. There will be hundreds of guests, all bearing presents, and the birthday teen’s parents will have an expensive car sitting outside for them. Although this sounds amazing in a teenager’s mind, in reality it is a concept only for those who are utterly spoiled.

Some people see being spoiled as a good thing, but in actuality it inhibits your life. If you receive everything you ask for and never have to work for it, then you will never learn how to succeed. You must strive for what you want and if it always comes easily, then you won’t improve, but maintain the “status quo.” This also established a lack of appreciation for any gifts that the spoiled teen does receive.

If one does not understand the value of an item, then he/she takes for granted the reception of an amazing gift. Gifts are supposed to mean something, but to someone who is spoiled they only think about receiving more stuff. They do not think of the value behind the gift, just that they have more stuff to put in their room.

For all spoiled teenagers, who make up a majority of our age group, this is for you. You need to change your lifestyle before you prevent yourself from receiving a wonderful life. The feeling you receive when you accomplish a task on your own is an indescribably uplifting feeling. Along with that sense of accomplishment, if you value people more than the things you own, you will benefit from the experience. Your experience will include the fact that you will be more concerned with the value of life over the value of your belongings.

Make the change. You have control of your life so don’t let your parents run it for you. They want to give you shortcuts so that life will be easier for you, but in the end they are only hurting you, so do things yourself. For instance, the car that your parents gave you, appreciate it. Be happy that you even have a car to drive. Also, pay for your own gas and your own insurance. You will understand the value of gasoline and safe driving if you have to pay for it all. Make your own decisions to better your life. It is all up to you.

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