My Firsf Love

June 5, 2008
There was a boy playing soccer his name was Bernie he was popular and he had a lot of friends. But he had a girlfriend he dumped her because, she was always flirting with other boys in front of him , and she didn’t like it . So she started crying for him and he just left her alone.
Then weeks past by . He was busy playing soccer he thought of no girls then I saw a girl standing on the side of the field she waved at him then she smiled. He was not trying to get distracted, so he walk up to her we were just talking , and her name was Vanessa he just walked away because he was nervous to talk to her. Vanessa was at school but he saw her with a guy then Bernie thought they were just friends but then Bernie walk up to them her boyfriend asked who is he? She said I don’t even know you and, then Bernie just looked at her and then showed a sad face. Then Bernie went off to go to his soccer practice.

Bernie was just into to his soccer practice then he saw Vanessa, so then Bernie got off the field then he asked her how come when you were with that boy you said that you didn’t know me. She said because he’s my boyfriend and he doesn’t like it when I talk with other boys. I’m sorry Bernie. Then Bernie said that’s ok you should have told me you had a boyfriend.

Then after a while Vanessa came she said sorry Bernie for doing that to you. He said It’s ok then she told Bernie that she liked him and he got surprise he was blushing so much and he gave her a hug. Then it was time for school she saw her boyfriend she walk up to him and said I want to break up, and then she walk away. And days pass by then Bernie went up to her and asked if she would go out with him she said yes,
and she gave him a kiss on the cheek they are a happy couple now.

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