Leaving My Best Friend

May 30, 2008
By Sam Sinotte, Manchester, NH

Throughout my whole life, I have had only one best friend, Hailey. We have experienced everything together: white water rafting in seventh grade, running a mile to her house in the pouring rain, or riding a double bike around Hampton Beach, we always have a good time. We had had embarrassing times, and hard times, but most of all, fun times. As middle school rolled around, we became even closer. Hailey and I had made new friends, and accepted them into our little group, but I knew in high school, we would not be as close, because we were going to different high schools.
I have been dreading the experience of high school since the moment I stepped into middle school. I always worried about the first day of high school: where I would sit at lunch, the people I would meet, and if I would get lost. But the hardest thing I had to do was leave Hailey.
The last day of middle school was awesome… and frightening. Our class took had a field trip to Canobie Lake. Hailey and I spent the whole day together, laughing and remembering old times. Not once in that whole day did we mention that we were going to different high schools. We put all the emotions and feelings of the up coming school year behind us for that day, and just had fun. Soon the day was over. On the bus ride back to Manchester, I broke down. All the emotions I had felt came rushing back. Hailey and I had a long talk about how we would see each other a lot over the summer. It was going to be hard to find time to see each other because I played on a travel softball team, and she played AAU basketball.
As I figured it, was hard to find time in our busy schedule to see each other. We were both busy and had a lot to deal with. Pretty soon the summer was over, and my nightmare had finally come true: the first day of high school. I woke up that day with the weirdest feeling in my stomach. I did not want to get out of bed. I just wanted to stay home and not face my fear. I knew my mom wouldn’t let me miss my first day, so I went. It was scary, and I wanted my best friend to share this moment with me. She would have cheered me up and made that experience a lot better.
As the months went by, we saw each other rarely. Things became easier at school, and I grew used to Central’s environment quickly. It was hard however, to get used not seeing my best friend at school. I missed talking to her about the most random and idiotic things, or playing on school sports teams with her. We had gone to the same school since kindergarten….
Now, I have gotten use to not seeing her as much. I miss her, but I have made new friends at school, and so has she. I see her occasionally when we both have time. We catch up on things and tell each other stories of high school. It’s hard to listen to them and know that I wasn’t there to experience them with her.
I know that I will never replace Hailey. I don’t think that anyone could make me laugh like she can, or put a bigger smile in my face. Wherever we go in life, I know that we will keep in touch; even if she decides to move far away, I will keep in contact with her. If we haven’t talked in five years, I will still track her down and invite her to my wedding, and I know that she will do the same. When I am feeling lonely or scared, I just think about something funny she said. It always puts a smile on my face and never gets old, no matter how many times I remember. I know that a lot will change over our four years of high school, but I can always turn to Hailey if I need a good laugh or advice. She will always be my best friend, no matter what.

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