Bad Decisions Made

May 30, 2008
2007-2008 is a good year for me. I was finally a freshman in high school. I was in such a big school compared to my last school, and I felt so free. It was also the first year I wasn’t in the same school as my little brother. It was the start of a new lifestyle. I made so many new friends. I was on the freshman soccer team, and I loved it. I was doing pretty well throughout the year, especially with my grades. The whole winter, all I did was practice e softball at the PAL building. Softball is considered my life. When it came time for softball tryouts, I could tell that I was ready. I had made the JV team, and am currently on it. People and coaches would tell me all the time that I was very good. I was one of the only two freshmen to be brought up to the Varsity team for a couple games. I learned so much from the coaches, and the girls on the team made me feel so welcome.
On the bus to away games, we had so much fun. We would play little games, sing, and text each other when we were sitting not to far away. We also would do a thing; we called a phone circle, where we would switch phones with each other on the bus and text random people. I was looking at the phone of a varsity player, and found the number of her coach. I thought it would be kind of funny to play a joke on him. I took the number off her phone and put it in mine. I blocked my cell phone number and started to prank call the number. I thought it was so funny, because I could see the coach picking up their phone, and not finding anyone there.
This went on for about two weeks. There was one game, which the coach had brought me up to varsity. I batted, but didn’t play in the field. I got really board, because I’m not used to sitting the bench. I picked up my phone again and started calling coach because I could see him. I finally realized how much of a pain I was being to him, and he was getting really mad. I stopped calling, until I got home. I felt so guilty for causing so much trouble. I felt so guilty, that later that night I texted him. I said, “I’m really sorry for the trouble I have been causing you the past couple of weeks, and I’m going to stop.” I later realized that I had messed up because there is no way that you can block the number of a text message, and now he had my number, and that’s when all the trouble came pouring down.
It was the beginning of April vacation, the day after I had texted him. We had a practice. The coach showed up in the middle of practice, and pulled me aside. I was so scared; my heart was pounding out of my chest. Coach took the number from the text massage and matched it up with my number off the JV roster. I could barley speak when he started talking to me. I started getting really scared when he started explaining to me what kind of trouble someone could get in for doing that. He asked me what happened, and I told him my story but he didn’t believe me. So I started making up a story and adding peoples names in, that had nothing to do with it. I ended up giving him three different stories. He didn’t really know what o believe. He then got my dad and the JV coach involved, and I could tell it was getting serious. When I finally told them the real story. They explained to me that there would be many consequences. They thought about

it for three whole days. For those three whole days, I had a hard time sleeping, as I thought about the trouble I could be in.
At the next softball game, they told me that I would be sitting for that game and two other games, but that’s not where it stopped. I also couldn’t be captain anymore, and I wasn’t able to go up to Varsity the rest of the season. I was really disappointed in myself, and so were my parents, and my coaches. After, I ended up writing a sorry letter to my coach for causing so much trouble, and thanking him for not kicking me off the team. A few days past and I sat out the games that I had to. On top of that, I got my phone taken away, and I was grounded. It thought everything was done and over with, but I was wrong.
On Monday when we got back to school, during mod “A”, I was called down to the vice principal’s office. I knew right away that I was in trouble. They started talking about what had gone on over vacation, and what I did could be considered harassment. He also said that if my coach wanted to, he could press charges. After he was done yelling at me, he typed something up on the computer and printed it out. He told me that I was suspended for two days, for harassment to a teacher. He then called my father and informed him. The rest of the day, all I could think about was what people would think about me, if they knew I was suspended. I didn’t really tell my friends anything. While I was gone, they just assumed that I was sick.
What I did hurt not only me, but my team, my coaches, and my parents. This hurt me in many ways. When I came back to school, I was a little behind on homework. Also because I was suspended, it would be on my records. All of this also hurt me outside of
school. I missed four games, but that was the last of my worries. I worried most about my coaches and teammates. I wondered if they would ever trust me again, or what they would think about me.
What I did changed my life. The big thing that it did was it made me thinks twice before I do something. When I was doing all this, I didn’t realize the trouble I could get in, and how it could hurt or affect everyone, even if they weren’t involved. I also learned the more I lie about something, the worse it gets, and the less trustworthy people are towards me. One last thing I learned is, that something that you do can effect more than just you, but when your doing it, all you think about is you and not about how it could hurt someone else. For me, it could affect my future. It could affect my future schools, and the way people look at me.

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