Your Love

May 29, 2008
By Sherry Hawkins, Fremont, CA

The most sweetest sound
The most softest touch
The most undescribable feeling
I love you so much

You’re my day
that shines so bright
You’re the stars that
shine at night

Your very intelligent
and have so much strength
Im so very grateful you were
my pick

I may get mad at little petty
I may walk around like im
a queen
I may talk mess and
you might think im mean
well, that’s just me
I say silly things
we all are not perfect
and we all make mistakes
To show you my love
I’ll do whatever it takes

Times get hard
but we’ll make it through
Only if you stay, and I’ll
leave that up to you

You give me butterflies
every time we kiss
if you ask me
your love’s the sh*%

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