Mistakes Happened

May 29, 2008
By bria pastrana, Brentwood, CA

the way he looks at me straight in the eyes,its like he's trying to tell me something but it's really just dispise. that one day that one memory it will be with you forever ,unless i can make us recover. if you like it or not i soon have to untie the knot .its been holding us together for a while now the way you use to make me smile.but i cant remeber the good i have to remember the bad.like thr time i saw you with her. you didnt even care not one word.the next day at school you asked me whats wrong .all i could say is its over i saw the tears run down your face i remember saying these words straight to your face . YOU ARE THE BIGGEST FAKE AND EVERY MEMORY WE SPENT TOGETHER WAS A MISTAKE.

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