My Best Friend the Snow Princess

May 28, 2008
By Courtnee Pierce, Easley, SC

I awoke to Freebird playing on the radio. Not the long version that I liked but the shorter version. I lay in bed lazy because today was a snow day and there would be no school. I looked out my window above my bed, and made a face at the sun as it peeked through my window and poke and prodded at my eyes until I got up to avoid it. The knock on the door was what had really woken me. I walked slowly and a little dizzy to the door, and after what felt like a trek across the country I finally reached it and opened it. My best friend Jessica and her brother stood there with patches of snow decorating there matching blue winter jackets. I looked beyond them to my yard, which also wore a blanket of snow. “No”. I remember saying even before Jessica opened her mouth. She had wanted to play in the snow for days and only today had it got deep enough to her satisfaction. I tried to escape back into my room under my nice warm blankets, but they followed. Jessica pleaded and pleaded until finally I surrendered just to stop her pitiful whining she was so famous for. I got dress slowly, letting them stand outside in the snow for about fifteen minutes. Soon we were off on our thirty minute stroll to her house. We all stood out against the pure white snow that lay on top of cars and fence posts. I know too many cars that passed we all looked like three white, blue and red dots moving slowly on the road. It was a beautiful sight I had to admit. The whole neighborhood looked like a winter wonderland of sorts. I liked the way the trees seem to dance as snow would slowly fall from one branch to the others, causing them to twitch and give away what looked like snow flakes. When we got to their house, I noticed her staring almost hungrily to the hills in her yard. She suddenly yelled perfect, making me and her brother jump. She grabbed two home-made sleds from her shed, and pointed up the hill excitedly. The little hill felt like mountains as we walked slowly up it our feet sinking into the deep snow. She placed the sleds in front of us when we got there and asked me if I wanted to go first. I looked for help from her brother who sat on the porch looking at us with one eyebrow raised and a smile on his lips. And then I looked down suspiciously at the sled imaging myself running into a tree with it, and it exploding into pieces. Jessica wanted to hurry, as if the snow was going to melt in the next minute. She got sick of waiting for me and jumped on her sled, and slid herself down the hill. She screamed, waving her arms up over her head and giggling like my five year old niece would. She lightly crashed at the base of the hill. Before I even sat down on the sled she was back right beside me. She urged me to try saying I would love it. I looked at the hill at her. It couldn’t be too bad. So I positioned myself on the sled and pushed my hands against the cold ground to give me a sort of lift off. And then I felt like I was soaring. It was faster than it looked; the cold air whipped against my face, my beanie flew off my head to become one of the many objects lying around her yard. I screamed also, but not from fear, but from excitement. It was so fun. I also crashed lightly at the base of the hill but instead of getting up I lay for a moment in the snow and stared up at the sky. It looked like a pinkish orange, and it was beautiful. The snow was seeping through my pants, and onto my skin, making it feel like there were little needles poking my every where. But still I did not move. I heard Jessica’s sled stop beside me, and after making sure I was ok, she lay down beside me and looked up to. She asked me if I was glad I came. And I said yes. I remember my favorite part about the snow was the sound it made when you moved slightly around and it crunched under you, or the way it smelled, sort of a mixed between grass and flowers that her mother planted every year, but had been deprived of water for some time now. I closed my eyes trying to take in everything when suddenly my face was covered with snow and I yelped in protest and jumped up. Jessica stood up smiling. We proceeded to have a snow fight then, a grueling battle in which her brother got caught up in when he decided to not pick sides. We hid behind trees, cars, everything. And at the end she hit me with the final snow ball and it was over. “I dub myself Snow Princess!” Jessica exclaimed right before she had thrown it. And that’s what I called her till the day she died. That day after Snow Princess walked me home; I walked into my room and put my Lynard Skynard CD on. I turned it to Freebird, the long version, and lay back down in my bed. Not worrying about the snow drenched clothes I left laying in the floor, or the beanie that had disappeared. I was just glad that I had gone today to spend one last day with my best friend, the Snow Princess.

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on Aug. 29 2008 at 9:11 pm
I just wanted to add that Jessica passed away about six months ago from a car accident. So I want to dedicate this story to her. R.I.P. Jessica M.

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