Bad Hair Day

May 23, 2008
By Lacee Williams, St. Joseph, MO

As she woke from her bed she stumbled over many things. She ran to the mirror and saw her hair. "Oh, my gosh!" She said astonished and embarressed. She put everything she could think of on her hair but it kept stickin straight up. She only had about ten minutes to get ready. She rushed and rushed thinking of everything she could to try and fix her hair. The school bus honks. "Oh no, their early!" She said in a panick. She had to leave so she ran out the door in a hurry. As she walked on the bus she saw that each individual person had their hair a mess and all she could do was smile. "Wow your hair is the worst of all us!" Someone said in the distance. As she walked into school her friend came up to her and told her it was bad hair day. She was so relieved all she did was smile the rest of the day.

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