Lost Months

May 22, 2008
By Chase Dickinson, McDonough, GA

November seems as if it was too long ago to remember. I never thought it would be May, but that is the current month. Junior year in high school could not have gone by faster. I thought it would never end.

With these summer plans, why did I not want school to last longer? Since I will be away for the entire summer, I must make new friends but not forget the old. They will be here when I get back.

Two months of being gone from home, friends, relaxing, and family will definitely feel longer than the time spent from November to May. As soon as the summer trip is over, a new school year will start which means senior year.

Senior year means the old seniors are gone, including those senior friends. Not seeing them everyday will feel like eternity before we get to see them again. They never thought the time would come, but now that the time is here we can all see in their eyes that they did not want it to end this quickly. They are excited for the new life, but going to miss the repetitive days of high school.

Time spent with friends’ runs from us quickly. Take time with friends valuable and do not rush the days. The repetitive days of high school will soon be over, but greatly missed.

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