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May 21, 2008
Do you sometimes feel like Cassie? Well first you need to know a little about her. First of all cassie is in the 9th grade at Coosa High School. She is in this group of Goths, well that’s what people call them, and people also call them Emo kids.
These Emo and Gothic kids wear all black, tight cloths, and black nails. Chics and even dudes wear a lot of black make-up. Some of the other people make fun of them because the way they dress, but they are just being unique.
Also the Emo kids cut themselves. You might be saying why would someone want to hurt themselves, but they do it. This happens because they are depressed. Their depression makes them think its ok to do. They also think if they hurt themselves it makes them feel better, but it just makes it worse.
Cassie don’t think of herself as Goth of EMo. Well she has to take depression meds and she has cut herself a couple of times, but her friends do it so what is wrong with it.
So now have you ever felt like Cassie? Well maybe you need to know exactly how she feels. Ok, she never had a boyfriend that treated her right, she never had a dad that cared about her, and that never even talked to her. Also when she was 11 years old her mom died in a car wreak that left her living with her grandparents.
Well now that you know about the way that Cassie’s life has been wouldn’t you think it was ok to fit in with the so called Goths and Emo kids, and even to have gone as far as to cut herself a couple of times?
I need to let you know that I do know how Cassie feels, even tough I didn’t have my mom die and my dad not love me. Its called peer presser, and all teens have it. Hey just think for a second how would you feel and what would you do if a whole group of people was around you pressuring you to do something. It may not come the way Cassie’s has, but peer presser comes and when it does it hurts.
Sometimes peer presser even leads to teen deaths. It think it is a very serious thing to deal with. How would you like to be like Cassie if you already are not like her? How would you like to be pushed into cutting or hurting yourself? So next rime you think of being pushed down a painful road like Cassie has been, just think!

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