The Power of Choice

May 20, 2008
By Jessica Sharp, Quitman, GA

God resides within us all who have an open heart – and with him is the power to control our own destiny. Utilizing this power within themselves, self-reliant individuals create their own reality. Every day people make decisions that change their lives or the lives of others. Therefore, whether a person is self-reliant or dependant upon society’s approval, the decisions they make can either improve or worsen a person’s life.

Individuals are destined to discover different truths, but this does not mean any of them are wrong. People should lives their lives and make their own choices without being chastised. But, if an individual is truly self-reliant then what people say or do in regard tot them is irrelevant. Conformists should not look down on those who speak against the majority, but seek their own truth. Respect all, but fear none – this is the idea people should abide by in a self-reliant life.

Imagine if no one was judged in the world. Conformists and individuals would come together with their differences and unite. Despite people’s individual truths there are common realities that must be faced by all. Rising prices, taxes, war, disease, poverty, and the government are all issues that people must unite against in order to change and benefit all. Regardless if an individual is self-reliant they must rely on God to guide them to their truth. Searching without guidance from God will only result in a false reality. A fire is sufficient at producing light and heat but is false and evil when compared to the pureness of the sun.

Self-reliance does not mean you cannot have close relationships with others. A husband and wife, God and man, a family – these are composed of self-reliant individuals while at the same time being dependent on one another. Self-reliant individuals live the way they want to live, and do what they want to do despite other’s reactions. They dress how they want to dress, speak what they believe, work, play, and live where they want to. They live the way that makes them happy regardless of judgmental eyes. They speak their mind and stand up for what they believe in. They are role models, rejects of society, and often misunderstood.

If a conformist has not acquired enough courage to break away from society, they should not worry. God is the way, the truth, and the light, and will lead them in the direction of happiness and love. Relying on their intuition from God, self-reliant individuals make decisions every day that change their lives and the lives of others. With this power to control destiny, anything is possible.

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