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June 26, 2008

I believe the characteristics of being great leader are honesty, being responsible, having good judgment, disciplined, motivated, smart, and a positive influence on others. A great leader often puts others before them selves and is a confident person as well. Great leaders are also people who u can rely on and are there when you need them. A leader should also show self control and be able to rush into any thing. He/she should be able to make decisions based on facts and use common scene for simple tasks. Also a leader should be creative and open to new ideas. I strongly believe that a leader should be able to be honest with them selves and more importantly with others. If a leader is honest with them selves then they can admit to there own mistakes and when there wrong about something.

The characteristics I possess in order to be a great leader is I’m highly motivated. I’m also very excited to do new things and face new challenges. I’m always respectful and polite to others. Also I have good judgment. I’m good at my decision and finding the right solution to any problem that comes my way. Another characteristic that I possess is that I’m very honest with my self and with others. I ‘m very confident in my self and in my abilities that’s why I believe that would make a great leader.

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