Thoughts, Aspirations...

July 7, 2008
By Tiffany Drysdale, Bronx, NY

Thoughts, Aspirations....
Constantly fuels my mind.
What does life have in store for me?
Is it standing right before my eyes?
I Wonder...
What is it I do?
Travel down the road of Unknown?
Take a risk, embark on a new path?
I do have faith to achieve what I feel ought to be.
Nothing shall stand before me
And spit the word of Failure in my face
As difficult as it may be,
I will not feed my mind with negativity and doubt,
And satisfy those who wish to see me fall.
But I will still always have uncertainty in my mind
Like we all do.
But I will always wonder
What does my future hold for me?
Will it be full of
I Wonder....

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