The Beginning of the End for High School

June 2, 2008
By Dawn Scheel, Baldwinsville, NY

I still remember the first day of high school; it was different for me then most in the fact that I was starting it in a new school district. It was also the first time I had to ride the bus; previously I walked to school. I was switching districts because I decided to move in with my mom I previously lived with my dad. So anyway the first day of school I remember waiting for the bus. It pulled up and I hopped on not knowing anyone I just sat in the front seat. I even remember my first classes. I guess that my old school was behind in math because I was suppose to know how to do things I’ve never even seen before. I started out getting zero’s on quizzes and everything. It was like that in every class, so you can imagine my grades didn’t start out all that great. I slowly met friends and they introduced me to more. Then one day I was at one of their houses and I met who I would now call my boyfriend of three years. Things slowly got better, I was catching up in school and now have over a 90 average. It started out rough but then got better and it’s going to be sad to say goodbye. I was happy and excited at first to graduate. Now there’s only twelve days left and pretty soon I’ll be starting all over again; going somewhere new with a bunch of people I don’t know. It’s crazy to know that a place I started out not knowing anything has now felt like a home to me and now it’s time to leave. But I’ll make it through just like I always do.

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