Deadly Love

June 5, 2008
By Demetria T, Chicago, IL

She's dying to keep the feeling within
Lord knows she don't want to experience it again,
But how can she fight the feeling when he is always by her side
Through the blossoming days to the woeful nights she cried,
Instant replay in her mind of his saying,'I don't want to go down the road of love'
Lonely nights she lay in her bed and that's all she could think of,
She want to say 'I love you' but don't want to scare him away
Yet there's no other way to put it so what else can she say?
She can remember a saying,'never fall or you're bound to get up with a scratch'
But she don't care, for he was her perfect match, how could you beat that?
She hated being in love because of the fact that he didn't know
And she knew that the only way to heal the pain was to let go
So she called him and ended the relationship, he was confused and wanted to know why
She just hung up the phone, wiped the tear from her eye,
pulled out the gun and with one move she died,
The little sister ran to her room, hearing the loud noise
She screamed-then saw the note she left, understanding that she didn't have a choice
The sister picked up the note
To read the sad song she wrote;
"Have you ever been in love so much
That every touch of his gave you a rush
You'd do just anything to be in his arms
Where you feel so secured and protected from any harm
But he doesn't know
So you got to let go
He doesn't know that everynight you cry
So you borrow your dad gun- press the trigger and die"

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