October 3, 2012
By lindseyzcz BRONZE, Woodbridge, Virginia
lindseyzcz BRONZE, Woodbridge, Virginia
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You close your eyes. You realize that someone, somewhere in the world is better than you. Watching them play piano more complexly and passionately than you can even possibly begin to fathom, you take note of their delicate hands. Unlike you, their slim, manicured fingers dangle with diamond rings. Someone’s parents still lounge lovingly together, as they turn well around to wave at you in the far back from their front row seats. Even as precious as their young pianist is, you grasp that those graceful hands could definitely destroy you. This someone is far from being overweight or aggressive, but they earned their black belt at an early age, just in case.

And just in case you may try to run away, someone has already blocked and locked all exit doors! You see, intellect would be most impolite and improper if it weren’t prepared. So it must come clear to you now that they are ONE and you are trapped, zapped as a ZERO; zero like the effort you never put forth, the girl you never called, and the childhood room you never dared to depart. To put it plain like a playground, someone is the see, high in the sky, laughing down on you, the saw, a grave burden to the earth.

Now, you may think a ditz can’t defend from wits, as wits will always win. And CONGRATULATIONS if you’ve always deemed this true! Though next time, hide those startled wrinkles on your face; they look so perplexingly puzzled that you shared a similar opinion with someone, and no one wishes to appear as if they never knew. That’s right; if you ever happen to think a thought that most people would agree with, your notions are in motion! This is called being common, and it almost always assures you that frankly, you’re doing alright.

Yet there will come a point in your life where “alright” is not as almighty as it appears. In fact, there are overwhelmingly vast horizons littered with limitless labels. The point remains the same that some simply sound more appealing than others. One would presumably choose to be “energetic” over “obnoxious”, or “friendly” before a “chatterbox”. And so the first step to divulge any intelligence that may linger within you is to do wonders with your words. Go right ahead, laugh at our language; we’ve only ever risked to say what we truly mean in our wildest dreams. But if you pursue them--stumble and hunt to hell and back for even just a glimpse of them--you may become more than alright, and who would ever want to be just that?

Even someone’s virtually perfect piano piece could improve if they had closed with a crescendo. Now, someone may still appear an eternity ahead of you in terms of talent or trust, but don’t believe for a second they were ever timeless. No one has ever been born that bold; it is only bright with time.

You open your eyes. You perspire upon your unknowing cheeks. You realize, there will always be someone better. You fathom freeing yourself of these flaws that taunt you. You sense you should sharpen your smarts. You walk like it’s all real, as if you just might be remembered. You drip with the elements of your worth from where you stand and will always stay.

You want to be on top--we all do. Some come close--so startlingly high that it overwhelms the core of their belief--but none of us will ever reach it. It’s past what we know, what we only assume that we’re capable of. We try and try again, because none of us are idiots; we aren’t even slow. We are merely mistaken as to what we mean.

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