Half the Truth Is Still a Whole Lie

September 12, 2012
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Okay so it's no surprise that people lie all the time. Not only do we lie to cover up the truth but we lie to make the truth seem less dull. I know that sometimes as humans, which we all are, we make mistakes. But there is never an excuse for lying. Lying only hides the truth so long, the truth always finds its way out sooner or later. And when it does come out it will either hurt the people around you or the hurt yourself more then any physical wound ever could. Secrets and lies go together because somehow they equal the same thing. Not telling someone the whole truth and nothing but the truth, is still a whole entire lie. No one ever thinks about the long-term consequences about telling a little white lie, but the truth is it hurts just the same, if not more, knowing that you weren't worth the truth, and finding out you give everyone else those same lies. In relationships now a days, most end because of someone or both someones couldn't keep it real, they weren't being honest with each other or themselves, or they simply didn't care who they hurt with their words. As writers we know just how much impact words really do have on people and those are the words that we say, we know the pain they can cause, the controversy, or even just mixed emotions, but imagine all of that magnified by 100 times. That is the impact the words that were never even said have on people. hiding part of the story or changing it doesn't always mean people get hurt or the outcome is not the same, but would we want to find out that the stories people told us were all lies? Of course not because as soon as that happens, we begin to question every word, every feeling, and every little thing that made us once so happy, and they turn into cold, cruel, and taunting memories of how naive we found we could be. Look the point of this is to make people aware that the things we say when worded right can be magical, but they could also be relentless agony playing over and over again in the backs of our minds, reminding us of our mistakes, fears, and flaws.

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