No social life= no life?

September 9, 2012
By PorcilainIris BRONZE, Missoula, Montana
PorcilainIris BRONZE, Missoula, Montana
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\"Censorship is telling a man he can\'t have a steak, just because a baby can\'t chew it.\"
-Mark Twain

I hate it when people tell me I have no life. And not just because I hate oneupmanship, but because of the logistics of that statement. I mean, am I not standing, breathing, and wasting my time on talking to them? It's like they don't even see me as human just because I only have four friends I only see during school hours.
So that begs the question; where the heck did that statement come from? Do they really not see people as human just because they prefer books and pencils over cell phones?
I suppose that's what we call simple-minded.
Another problem with those preppies is they seem to underestimate the social networking involved in being a geek. Not a nerd, not a dork, a geek. No jokes, if there was anything I wish I could be it's a dungeons and dragons geek. I'm not even social enough for that apparently.
But I don't see any reason to stop doing what I do. I won't change myself to fit in, even if it is with geeks. There's just too much I'd miss out on if I was to prioritize friendships.
There's new and unfamiliar worlds to take in through art, writing, music... I can't leave it alone.
I choose to make art instead of mindless conversation, so tell me! Do I really have no life?

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